The Most Interesting Dark Trivia Quiz
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The Most Interesting Dark Trivia Quiz Is Here

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    Whose father founded the Winden power plant?

    • Regina Tiedemann
    • Helge Doppler
    • Agnes Nielsen
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    How many years into past or future can one travel in a wormhole?

    • 33 years
    • 30 years
    • 36 years
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    What is Aleksander Tiedemann’s original last name ?

    • Kohler
    • Khanwald
    • Klaus
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    Who is Hanno Tauber’s mother?

    • Silja
    • Helene
    • Hannah
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    Who is the leader of the survivors in the future?

    • Franziska
    • Silja
    • Elisabeth
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    What is the song playing in teenage Ulrich’s room when Egon visits him?

    • Pleasure to kill
    • Peace sells
    • Ride the lightning
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    What is on Helen Alber’s necklace?

    • Ring
    • Penny
    • St. Christopher
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    What is the name of H.G. Tanhaus book?

    • A Passage Through Time
    • A Journey Through Time
    • Time – A Journey
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    Who does Hannah meet at the abortion clinic?

    • Helene Albers
    • Doris Tiedemann
    • Agnes Nielsen
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    What date will the end of the world occur?

    • 29 June,2020
    • 27 June,2020
    • 24 June,2020

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