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Save Girl Child Message In Bollywood Movies

Bollywood has always been our one-stop for endless entertainment, but with entertainment, the Indian cinema has also come up with movies like Hichki, Paa, Oh My God, 3 Idiots, Pink, Taare Zameen Par, and many more that throw light on social issues. Well, today is International Day of the Girl Child and while we believe that we are raising awareness to save girl child somewhere in Hathras a teenager is brutally gang-raped. ‘Save girl child’ is not limited to preventing female foeticide but also providing a safe and healthy environment for them to grow. Here are a few Bollywood movies that show the trials and tribulations women go through and how empowered women reach great heights!



The movie shows how a young girl who trains under agonizing circumstances becomes the first woman IAF officer to go to war. A training camp with no washroom or changing room for women is where she completed her training. Even if we save girl child, what is it for? For men to dominate and harass them, impose their authority on them, or make them feel weak and unwanted at the workplace?  All of it is futile if we don’t practice gender equality. Well, this movie clearly exemplifies that our daughters do not fear society and will break and make rules!

save girl child


Secret Superstar pays great attention to detail when it came to gender equality. Be it physical abuse, mental torture, female foeticide, child marriage, or depriving a daughter of opportunities. This movie has it all!

Save Girl Child


Ayushman Khurana always comes with a cause, it can be making us laugh in splits or holding a mirror against the hideous society we live in. Article 15 emphasizes on crimes against Dalit women and girls. The way they put across the message to save girl child sends a shiver down my spine. Two Dalit girls are raped out of which one is murdered. What follows is an excruciating journey for justice! Imagine living in a country where women are raped and harassed on a daily basis and then burnt by the police which is responsible for finding the criminals. We do have laws to save girl child and ensure gender equality but nobody to monitor them truthfully. This movie was released last year but what happened on the 14th of September in Hathras? Can you connect the dots?

Save Girl Child


We can make and watch movies, protest and post on our social media accounts to raise awareness to protect and save girl child but what makes a real difference is when each and every individual looks within themselves and realizes that women deserve respect and should be treated equally, posting Save Girl Child won’t help, save her, respect her, protect her and celebrate her. 100 more laws and movies can be made to save girl child but it’s not the laws that will protect her it is the individuals of the society, it is us who will.



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