TV series before finishing college

10 Must Watch TV Series Before Finishing College.

Watch these 10 must-watch TV series before finishing college as they will make you wittier & educate you in a number of ways.

Be it thriller or fantasy, comedy or crime,  these 10 picks will uncover it all. Relish conversations between characters, how they approach realistic problems, situational comedy and much more. Watching series is an incredible way to learn and is helpful to build general opinions. Thinking ability of brain is impacted by the kind of content one consumes, feed your brain the best so that it gives you back the best. To ascertain the ultimate interest, experience literature, art, intellect, drama, and entertainment offered by these TV series before finishing college.

Once done with these, you may kick off to enlist the genres that appeal to you. After all, it’s a good way to keep oneself aptly occupied.

Here’s the list of TV series that we think are a must watch…

 Strong Writing and Dialogues

1. Sherlock: Shot in modern day London, this series is all about wit, intellect, mystery, and superb acting by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Brilliant and arrogant Holmes solves cases in the 21st century with his loyal friend Dr. Watson. Sherlock has 4 seasons with 3 episodes each & 1 special episode that aired between season 3rd and 4th.
Watch Sherlock on Netflix now.

2. Dexter: Thriller, scary and hilarious. Dexter is about a serial killer who works for a police department as a forensic technician. Well! his troubled childhood led him to do those killings. You would fall in love with this complex character and twists in this series that are extraordinarily entertaining. Dexter has 8 seasons with 12 episodes each.
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3. Breaking Bad: Mind you! Chemistry was never this much fun before. A high school chemistry teacher in his late 40s diagnosed with cancer does it all for money for his cancer treatment. He teams up with a spoiled brat to sell Meth- a drug that no-one else cooks better than the duo. Its a novel like screenplay-natural and engaging. To know how far and how deep the Meth business goes, you got to watch this one. 6 seasons long series with 13 episodes each except for season 1 with 7 episodes.
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4. Fargo: Suspense at its best.  Every season has different characters and storyline with the same theme – crime and drama. The story revolves around characters’ obsessions and their actions that lead them to commit crime followed by covering up for it.  Crisp storytelling with 10 episodes in a season.

5. House of Cards: A satire political drama – the ambitious congressman Kevin Spacey’s story. This manipulative man with his manipulative wife will wow you with his charm and cunning wit, the couple’s highly impressive chemistry is a must watch. Enjoy watching how characters read between the lines while conversing with each other. The series will challenge your mind to think, we say it’s a really smart plot. 5 seasons with 13 episodes each.
Watch House of Cards on Netflix now.

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6. Friends: Six characters who will confuse you to the core when it comes to choosing just one favorite. You can fall in love with every character of the show. Full of sophisticated comedy with strong messages. All about adulthood- friendship, apartment sharing, dating, fights, breakups, live in relationships, love. We suggest if you have not watched it yet, you must now! because Friends are never old and FRIENDS is never old. Friends has 10 seasons with about 25 episodes each.

7. Modern Family: It is a hilarious show that will make you laugh out loud. The series is about a family of five – the two parents, two daughters and one son. The extended family contains a mother’s father who raises two sons with his much younger second wife. The series offers sharp jokes, great acting by the characters you can relate with, funny of its own kind. We think it a smartly written praiseworthy plot. You must check it out. 10 seasons have aired with about 22-24 episodes each.

Drama & Fantasy

8. Game of Thrones:  Fantasy that will make you wonder! Lots of drama and politics with a pinch of adventure in a picturesque setup. The graphics and effects are sheer eye candy. But it is dark and extreme – extreme love, extreme hate etc. It is a long tale of noble families who fight for the Iron Throne. 7 seasons have thrilled the audience already and we can’t wait for season 8 that will be aired in 2019.


9. American horror story: The modern kind of horror… Every season has a different storyline and cast. The horror here is beyond supernatural and paranormal as the series explores psychological horror. The style and fashion depicted are classy that differentiates the series from conventional horror series. AHS has 8 seasons with about 10-12 episodes in a season.

Action & Adventure

10. Lost: Lost is an amazing mix of action and adventure, it is a tale of faith and destiny where each character has a role to play on the island- a mysterious island where people get stranded after a plane crash which was flying from Sydney to LA. Waiting to get rescued, survivors become family while together they learn to deal with challenges that the island throws at them. Drama, science-fiction, the supernatural is all that makes Lost an intriguing series. A 6 seasons long series with about 18-22 episodes each.
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