10 Must Watch TV Series Before Finishing College.

TV series before finishing college
TV series before finishing college

Watch these 10 must-watch TV series before finishing college as they will make you wittier & educate you in a number of ways.

Be it thriller or fantasy, comedy or crime,  these 10 picks will uncover it all. Relish conversations between characters, how they approach realistic problems, situational comedy and much more. Watching series is an incredible way to learn and is helpful to build general opinions. Thinking ability of brain is impacted by the kind of content one consumes, feed your brain the best so that it gives you back the best. To ascertain the ultimate interest, experience literature, art, intellect, drama, and entertainment offered by these TV series before finishing college.

Once done with these, you may kick off to enlist the genres that appeal to you. After all, it’s a good way to keep oneself aptly occupied.

Here’s the list of TV series that we think are a must watch…

 Strong Writing and Dialogues

1. Sherlock: Shot in modern day London, this series is all about wit, intellect, mystery, and superb acting by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Brilliant and arrogant Holmes solves cases in the 21st century with his loyal friend Dr. Watson. Sherlock has 4 seasons with 3 episodes each & 1 special episode that aired between season 3rd and 4th.
Watch Sherlock on Netflix now.

2. Dexter: Thriller, scary and hilarious. Dexter is about a serial killer who works for a police department as a forensic technician. Well! his troubled childhood led him to do those killings. You would fall in love with this complex character and twists in this series that are extraordinarily entertaining. Dexter has 8 seasons with 12 episodes each.
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