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Last of Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood

“And that’s where I come in”. Well no Frank Underwood, not anymore.

It’s official, audiences have seen the last of Frank Underwood. Netflix has officially announced that they are done with ties with the house of cards star Kevin Spacey following the sexual assault allegations that have surfaced against the actor. They already announced last week that they were re-evaluating their relationship with Spacey and confirmed that the upcoming sixth season of house of cards would be its last.

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But now they’ve decided to cut ties completely, this means Spacey will not be appearing in the final season of the show. Although they haven’t officially said how they’ll account for his absence. Variety claims that the writers and producers are considering (spoiler alert) killing off his character. But this is just one of several scenarios under consideration.

Netflix is also thinking about a house of cards spin-off that will focus on other characters. Although now that Spacey is out they’ll have to focus on those other characters in the main show as well. Whatever happens, it looks like Hollywood is finally starting to take sexual assault seriously.

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