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Justice League Review – Non Spoiler

Well we have all been waiting for this and it’s official, the reviews for Justice League are out. The big trades have them and you can now get some scores. You can get a feeling of what generally people are going to be thinking about the movie. Some of its flaws, some of its highlights and you know just various other aspects of the movie that all come together to make it either great or terrible depending on which review you look at.

So first up we have the ‘Hollywood Reporter’, which says that the narrative of Justice League may have suffered from a director swap which honestly a lot of us kind of expected this considering we know they did close to three months of reshoots. But on the other hand, they say that the characters in the film are absolutely awesome and that the film is rather fun and super enjoyable. The thing they say about Justice League that’s great is that the film leaves you wanting more and this isn’t something that they felt about previous DC Extended Universe films other than Wonder Woman. They go on to conclude saying that, this is the most fun you’re going to have with Batman and his super friends. And that the next adventure together they’re very excited for. They give the film a four out of five.
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‘Jim Avada’ from ‘IGN’ says that the best aspects of the Justice League are the chemistry between the cast and the film’s individual time spent with each superhero. That in the film they make effort to save the lives of civilians and each superhero has a moment to shine in the spotlight. Not taking away from anything and definitely feeling like their comic-book counterparts. Unfortunately what does hold the movie back is a very choppy story, a terrible villain and shady visual effects, especially at the end of the film. Much like other reviews are echoing in this, the best parts of the film are going to be the team working together with their individual moments and the shortcoming definitely seems to be Steppenwolf and the CG in the film, which everybody pretty much agrees falls very short and you can tell some of it was rushed to due to the director change. IGN gives it a 7 out of 10.

‘Bleeding Cool’ goes on and says that the Justice League leaves you hoping for next time. Did you like a brief trip to Atlantis, wait until you see Aquaman. Did you like Wonder Woman taking on a leadership role, Wonder Woman to arrive November 2019. Did you like all the Flash’s lines, there might be a flashpoint movie. Once again what they echo is that this is, of course, a great outing for the solo heroes. Once again they say that there are solo scenes and that the team-up scenes definitely feel awesome like the classic Justice League and like each character got a moment to shine. Unfortunately, just like other reviews, they say that the visual effects are somewhat rushed and the story is very disjointed. They give the movie a D+.

‘Forbes’ goes on and does their review and says despite all the problems which can’t be ignored, Justice League isn’t entirely enjoyable. There are good, cute and funny moments that the editing team should be applauded for. It’s difficult to try and explain whether justice league fails or succeeds as a movie because the film feels like, it’s still trying to figure out what it wants to be.
I just know I want the Justice League to be better than the movie that I saw.

‘Mashable’ comes in with their review saying, it’s breezy fun at times but lumbers with a story that struggles to find resonance beyond its improbable plot device and preposterous MacGuffin. Justice League isn’t about to steal Avengers superteam crown. They give it two out of five.

‘Cinema Blend’ echoed pretty much what has been mentioned above, CG that lacks Stefan Wolfe as a terrible villain. The good parts of the movie once again being character driven and the team-up moments where they are saving people and going out there and doing what we want them to see. Cinema Blend gave the film a 1.5 out of 5

So there we go, it’s a mixed review all over the place. We went from the top which started off as the best ones and went down to the bottom, the ones that people don’t like the most. It seems like it’s better than Batman V Superman, which is all we want. And it seems like they got what we think is important. They got the heroes down and they got the team dynamic down.

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