Jitna Alag - Anmol Sabherwal
Jitna Alag - Anmol Sabherwal
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Jitna Alag: A Rap by Anmol Sabherwal That Hits The Soul Hard

We all have conflicts and stories that define us as a person. No matter how perfect we try to be as humans, there will often be moments of doubts, weakness, and self-discovery. Here’s a super-relatable song ‘Jitna Alag’ that addresses these issues.

Released on 3rd March, ‘Jitna Alag’  a soul-rap is the latest track from Anmol Sabherwal, India’s budding Hip-Hop artist. The song is about channelizing some of his most personal conflicts and stories. The title ‘Jitna Alag’ represents how feeling different can often lead to feeling lonely.

The singer has a distinctive vocal tone which is clear, heartfelt and puts real feeling into the lyrics. Instrumentally, the song has compelling digital effects with a wavy-funk electronic melody that grabs and carries you along with solid beats and strong engaging rhythm.  

The lyrics are simple yet powerful, sentimental which one can empathize with. This talented rapper has expressed so many emotions in just so little. The ups and downs from school to college and moving forward. School bully, middle-class problems, dreams, teenage, first love, breakup, low self-esteem, self-hate, self-rejection and weakness that overpowers everything else. How emotions take over while weakness makes it vulnerable for self. A path to self-destruction, cutting off from social life, fight with ones own-self, loneliness, isolation, just misery everywhere in and out and then finally self-discovery, gratitude & self-love. It’s all in the mind, its always the psyche – ”Jitna Alag Lage Utna Akela, Apne Dimaag Mai Ye Khel Bahut Khela”. Goosebumps!

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“Growing up, I’d spend my days mumbling lyrics while awkwardly moving back and forth in an effort to mimic my favorite artists. As I matured, I realized it wasn’t just the energy and flow that had me hooked. The real catalyst was how much I could relate to them. And that is my number one reason to make music—write songs that offer the same relatability.” – Anmol Sabherwal.

Jitna Alag – Lyrics and Performed by Anmol Sabherwal, Music by Stunnah Beatz, Directed and Edited by Rahul Beniwal, Distributed by Elements.

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