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    Top 12 Upcoming Hollywood movie List 2021

    Top 12 upcoming hollywood movie list for you is what I thought this time. I know many of you would have been waiting for upcoming hollywood movies. Obviously Sitting at home with the new normal of online education and work from home schedule. Don’t worry, we have got something interesting for you. Hollywood has never […] More

  • Best Time Travel Movie
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    Best Time Travel Movie | Groundhog Day

    Best Time Travel Movie | Groundhog Day Groundhog Day is a 1993 American fantasy comedy and one of the Best Time Travel Movie Directed by Harold Ramis and written by Ramis and Danny Rubin. Groundhog Day is one of the Best Time Travel Movie to come out in the early ’90s. Whether you like it […] More

  • Avengers: Infinity War poster


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    Avengers: Infinity War Review

    Avengers: Infinity War – supremely entertaining showdown in grand Marvel tradition. The summer 2018 film season kicks off in a big way with “Avengers: Infinity War” and it is one of those rare summer films that exceeds its high expectations and delivers a crowning achievement for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. More

  • Big Bang
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    Top Modern Classic Sci-Fi Movies Of The Past Decade

    The last decade has been pretty great for science fiction films. But while not every brilliant recent sci-fi flick is worth owning and revisiting time and time again, some definitely are. Here are Top Modern Classic Sci-Fi Movies that are so fun, engaging, and compelling that they’re totally worth re-exploring over and over for years to […] More

  • 2018: The Year of Super-Heroes

    2018: The Year of Super-Heroes

    Superhero movies have been a major part of the cinematic landscape of 2017, with Logan, Wonder Woman, and Thor: Ragnarok standing out from the crowd. In 2018, it looks like the superhero genre will dominate even more, kicking off in February with a slate of movies that will keep fans excited all year. Whether you […] More

  • Horror Movies of 2018
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    Breathtaking Upcoming Horror Movies of 2018

    Hollywood lined up plenty of successful horror projects in 2017, from Jordan Peele’s breakthrough hit Get Out to the revival of Stephen King’s IT to the Groundhog’s Day redux Happy Death Day. Looking ahead to 2018, there are already quite a few flicks poised to satisfy fright fans – from fact-based stories to supernatural scares and the reemergence of at least one classic […] More

  • 24 Mind Blowing Movies in 2018
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    24 Mind Blowing Movies in 2018

    Movies are big business, and major studios earmark their spots on the release schedule years ahead of time. As such, it isn’t too early to start making box office predictions for 2018. There are dozens of promising projects slated for release, so here are 24 Mind Blowing Movies in 2018. More

  • Science Fiction
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    Top 10 Science Fiction Films Of All Time

    We’re looking at science fiction in hopes that picking out its best might give us a clue as to what exactly it is we see in the stars. These are our picks for the top ten science fiction films of all time. Of course, science fiction isn’t all lasers, snakes, and rocket juice. At its […] More

  • Justice League
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    Justice League Review – Non Spoiler

    Well we have all been waiting for this and it’s official, the reviews for Justice League are out. The big trades have them and you can now get some scores. You can get a feeling of what generally people are going to be thinking about the movie. Some of its flaws, some of its highlights and you know just various other aspects of […] More

  • Lord of The Rings TV Series
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    Lord of The Rings TV Series

    Lord of The Rings TV Series, how does that sound. Small screen audiences might soon be getting one TV show to rule them all. Lord of the Rings film distributor, Warner Brothers is reportedly working on a TV series based on the epic fantasy tale. More

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