Suicide and depression
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Awareness Against Suicide and Depression

Depression is often described as a sudden wave of unease and sadness that might trigger the thoughts of self-destruction. It is mostly accompanied by panic attacks, physiological distress, feeling of emptiness, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Suicide and depression are some of the prevailing issues globally.

The mental health crisis in India is severe. India has the highest suicide rate in South East Asia. This social issue has been a very sensitive topic in India for years. But the filmmakers have openly talked about the causes, symptoms, and ways to deal with depression in their movies.

During the last decade, Indian cinema has made many remarkable films using depression and suicide as the bedrock of the movie. Be it Farhan Akhtar starring ‘Karthik Calling Karthik’ or all-time favorite ‘3 Idiots’ or the latest film ‘Chichhore’ suicide, depression, failure, and loneliness were the concepts talked about in these movies. Alia Bhatt starring ‘Dear Zindagi’ also portrayed the trauma caused by depression.

Not just the Indian Cinema, Hollywood has also made some incredible movies considering the impacts of depression and anxiety on our lives. ‘Joker‘ was a masterpiece that had a depressed maniac as the protagonist. This movie not only made us feel sympathetic towards a villain but also made us perk and ponder about the social issue – depression.

Since the last few decades, the filmmakers have been illustrating the sensitive social issues through their movies. Depression and anxiety are not so easy to get rid of in our society. It is high time that we take suicide and mental illness seriously.

We should always remember that the people we meet are fighting their own battle and a little empathy might save a life.

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Written by Astha Pandey


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